Church Council Cynthia Pittenger
Annual Conference Delegates Rick Quy, Bill Hightower
Lay Leader Cary Boddeker
Congregational Connections Patty Miles, Kara Kenny
Membership Secretary Sue Butler
Nominations Dr. Ray Kiser, Cary Boddeker
Pastor Parish Relations Heather Spicer
Trustees Bob Duplantis
Finance Jim MIles
Stewardship Myles McKemie
Endowment David Menchaca
Inviting and Welcoming Jana and Danny White
Music Beth Null
Worship Jan Monroe
Small Groups Bill Hightower
Dt. 6 Family Ministry Jenni and Brian Oaks
Youth Ministries Mariah Froehlich
Community Outreach  Randy Beaver
Regional and Global Outreach Dorothy Boddeker
Congregational Care Evon Skilton
Health Marlene Anders, R.N.
United Methodist Men Stephen Galliver
United Methodist Women Karen McGraw