Marley Anders, Wesley Nurse

As a Wesley Nurse, I encourage physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness in relationship with God and one another. Faith-based community nursing services are designed to include individuals, families and congregations as active partners in their personal health. My goal, as a Wesley Nurse, is to empower our community and foster an environment of caring and compassion.

Examples of what can be offered are:

  • health-related classes such as CPR and blood pressure screenings
  • meeting with people who are working on programs of weight loss and regular exercise
  • assisting individuals by providing resources relating to their specific needs
  • coordinating meal deliveries and transportation, and
  • offering a listening and prayerful presence during times of crisis and celebration.

My ultimate goal of community nursing is to be a visible expression of Christ’s healing ministry by serving the needs of others. I am located at the Lake Travis United Methodist Church and available Mondays through Fridays.  Please contact me by calling 512-266-9877 or email