Sundays – 9:30am, 10:45am, 12 Noon
Our church is a house of prayer. At the conclusion of each Sunday worship service at LTUMC, we invite those who desire extra time for prayer to stay in their seat or come down to one of the kneelers at the front of the sanctuary for as long as they need.

If desired, a prayer partner will join you in prayer. They will be stationed at the front of the sanctuary at the kneelers immediately following the worship service, and will pray with you or for you, as you request.

Mondays – 7:00 pm, Chesnutt Building
Centering Prayer is a method of prayer designed to facilitate the development of Contemplative Prayer which is the opening of our mind and heart -our whole being- to God. Contemplative Prayer is a pure gift from God.

  • Our focus is to attempt to bring teachings from an earlier time in an updated form.
  • It is not meant to replace other forms of prayer, but to cast new light and depth on them.
  • We seek a closer relationship with God, and a discipline to foster that relationship.
  • Our program starts with joys and concerns, spiritual readings from the Bible, Lectio Devina* or other inspirational sources, videos as available, a 20 minute meditation, and a sharing of thoughts.
  • The mission of Centering Prayer is to receive the indwelling of Holy Spirit. Our group endeavors to build communities of faith and bond members together in mutual friendship and love.

* Lectio Divina is the reading of scripture for personal reflection. The scripture is read 4 times. The first time, it is listened to with “beginners mind”; the second time it is read, you listen for a word or phrase that speaks to you. The third time the scripture is read you use the word or phrase and meditate on it or use it in prayer. The fourth time the scripture is read, you just rest with the words. A time of sharing is offered at the end of the period.

For more information, contact Janet Crozier (512.266.6926)


Praying together for each other, our families and others around the world is a primary focus for our congregation. Each week we keep these prayers close to our hearts by publishing our prayer list in our weekly newsletter and in our worship guide. However, if you choose, prayer requests can remain unpublished and will only be shared among our staff.
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