childs_hands_playingWithclay1088x638We know it’s not enough for you to be happy with your choice of a church home – your children need to be fulfilled and content as well. While they are in the nursery and in Sunday School, they will experience music, art, theater, laughter, sign language, stickers, puppets, sound, cool graphics, Bible stories, worship and prayer!

If you think it’s appropriate, your child can stay with you during worship until they have participated in Young Disciples time – a part near the beginning of the worship service where children gather in the front of the sanctuary to learn Biblical principles in a fun and entertaining style. After Young Disciples is finished, children can return to sit with their parents or teachers will take them from the sanctuary to the Chesnutt Building to their separate classrooms. Nursery attendants can be in touch with you via text messages, should your child need you while you are attending worship services.

During our worship services, children up to early elementary ages can stay in the nursery. The nursery is in the Chesnutt Building with children divided into different rooms according to their age. Use the main entrance into the Chesnutt Building (double doors facing the parking lot), where someone will check your child in and direct you to the appropriate room as shown below:
C4 – Infants
C2 – Toddlers/2 Yr Olds
C1 – 3 Yr Olds
C3 – 4-5 Yr Olds
C8 – Kindergarten & First Grade

We look forward to seeing your family on Sunday!